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I have two Avirex jackets and one other Cockpit jacket, they are all awesome, but this Mission G3 is my new favorite. Store Promotion Rewards Mail Call. Vintage Lambskin G1 Flight Jacket - The soft feel and alluring look of vintage lambskin in the Navy Flight Jacket, almost surpasses the noise and thunder of planes warming up on the carrier de ck. The B was far lighter and much warmer than the Type A2 issued leather jacket which came with just a thin lining that did not offer the pilot much warmth at a high altitude. Cockpit is too good the quality is far better than any other company out there no doubt. Finally the most notifiable change was that the shell was changed from cotton to nylon and a cigaret pack pocket was added on the left arm. The jacket is definitely used, but is clean, has no bad odors, and looks very classy with the pattern and small collar profile.

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Cookie Policy Cookies help us deliver our services. The standard of service i received from cockpit USA was unlike anything ive ever experienced elsewhere. Exquisitely supple to the touch, it retains its naval tradition with rugged handsome good looks that forever insures You look the part! The switch to the darker mouton collar makes the jacket all that more true to the original. When men and women first took to the skies, they also took to a look that has become a symbol for adventure-seeking, envelope-pushing, and living outside of natural limits. Cockpit " Mission" Leather A-2 Pilot Jacket 9 A lighter weight version of the Antique Lambskin A-2 making it suitable for all seasons and particularly perfect for warmer climates. The Amendment process had 1, 2 and 3, and though many have speculated over what these amendments stood for, the reasons are very technical.

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The lining has fading down the center, but is otherwise in great condition. Please note that each jacket is unique and its distress vegetable tanning may vary from production to production. To meet these needs a new type of jacket was developed. In addition, the MA-1 discarded the mouton fur collar of the B because it interfered with the parachute harness worn by the aviators. Correlate this measurement with size chart below to assess your glove size. At Cockpit USA, we do our part to carry on this legacy by manufacturing authentic flight jackets and aviation-inspired apparel suitable for pilots and civilians alike. Don't hesitate to purchase anything from them--these folks are absolutely top notch and I will be a customer for life.
Then in , Alpha Industries won another contract, this time for the MA-1 and the N-2B—another model made for the heavy zone. The real mouton sheepskin collar has been painstakingly matched to the original - deep Auburn Brown colouring with soft true 'mouton' texture. The staff was very helpful in assisting me in choosing the proper size! Lastly, the early MA-1 was used exclusively by the Air Force and had the decal stenciled on the sleeve. Two wonderful choices for this rich looking legend.
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